Centennial of the Physical Birth of the VM Samael Aun Weor

First Centennial


Maestro Samael Aun Weor

100 Years of the Physical Birth of the V.M. Samael Aun Weor

This first centennial, a century, 100 years of the physical birth of Master Samael Aun Weor, Avatar of the Aquarian Age, is an important event that can not go unnoticed, and that invites us to reflect.

That is why, as a homage to our Guru, we share with everyone the recording that Radio Koradi did with the V. M. Zoroastro, direct disciple of Master Samael, in commemoration of this centennial, as well as a PDF of an article in those regards.

Audio: A Century with the VM Samael Aun Weor

PDF: A Century with the VM Samael Aun Weor

The Gnostic Teachings Yesterday and Today

blue keyword with white projectionsIt is quite evident that thanks to the Internet, any citizen of our world can now access the Gnostic teachings of the V. M. Samael Aun Weor, if they so yearn.

However, to have access to digital “Gnosis” does not mean that the Self-Gnosis of the Being is now easier to conquer. It is not enough to have the digital information; a “human” interrelationship with a Gnostic group, so as to self-discover ourselves and get to know ourselves through it, helps and is very necessary.

Until recently, Gnosis was the great unknown. Only a few knew of its pre-Christian and Christian origin. And it was thanks to the widespread diffusion of Gnosis across America and beyond, and with the arrival of computers and the Internet that this great phase of the dissemination of the written work of Master Samael was completed, and that is why today his works are found in many Internet sites.

Yet, we must say that the best of the Gnostic mission is just beginning, and it consists of making its message of regeneration flesh and blood.

And as any major change of humanity can go unnoticed, it is important to note that better times are coming for the Gnosis of the inner work, so that Gnosis, as a saving knowledge, fulfills its mission.

While it is true that the way we now use communication technology changed how any citizen can now approach the Gnostic studies, it is also true that in compensation for this, presently we have gained more in the comprehension and practical application of Gnosis, reason why today we take shelter in an institution called “The Gnostic Society Samael Aun Weor,” whose spirit of the work is to incarnate gnosis, thus it is reflected in our methodology, our program, and of course our local, national and international Spiritual Retreats.

But I ask myself; and aloud I ask everyone: are we conscious of this social change that has occurred in our society, of how, therefore, we now must live the Gnostic message

Rafael Vargas

Our Brothers from Space

Our brothers from space: they want to establish personal contact with us, but instead of receiving them with true respect and love, instead of offering them hospitality, fighter planes are sent to intercept them. Everyone wants to destroy them; really we are behaving like foreign savages to every civilization and every culture.

The time has come to change our warlike attitude and to offer to our visiting brothers from space our friendship and our care. They come to help us, not to destroy us.

The gnostic brothers must begin to set an example by establishing on the roofs of our houses, in our country, on our plot of land, friendly signals: circles with points in the center. From the center lines come out that are directed to the periphery and from the periphery small lines come in that even though they do not reach the center, it is understood that they are directed towards the center, towards the point.

Our brothers from Space

(Everything comes from Divinity and returns to Divinity)

Make the aforementioned point in the center of the circle a beautiful golden color, to symbolize Divinity.

The lines that are directed from the periphery to the center, towards the point, can be blue, in sufficient quantity and short. The lines that are directed from the center towards the circle clearly connect the point with the circumference and can also be a blue color.

This is the symbol of Divinity in the Martian religion. We can use it by putting it on our houses, on our plots of land, making it with a light source or simply painted, in order to establish friendly relations with the inhabitants from Mars and from all the inhabitants of the Cosmos.

Said symbol means that everything comes from Divinity and returns to Divinity.

Use this symbol in order to offer friendship to the inhabitants from space, even though the rogues laugh at us. All of you already know what the rogues are; they are one hundred percent skeptics, they presume to be super civilized, they believe themselves to be very wise and they use satire and refined irony against all those who do not think like them.

V.M. Samael Aun Weor

The Cross in the Gnostic Tradition

“…The Gnostics, wise par excellence, know exactly the value of the Cross and worship it,
not based in any belief, but in absolute and immediate knowledge.

Samael Aun Weor

Cross on the rock

The Power Lies on the Cross

For the Gnostics, the Cross is in no way a conventional symbol, rather the representation of an invariable Law, which covers the whole gamut, all the deeds of Nature, without exception.

Whoever knows the fundamentals of chemistry knows that the reactions of the elements take place only when one is crossed with another. For example, the formula in chemistry for water is H20. It is simply the crossing of two hydrogen atoms with one of oxygen, resulting in water; then the precious fluid indispensable to organic life is the result of the Cross. The power to produce water lies in the Cross of Hydrogen with Oxygen.

Harmony in the movement of a system of worlds depends on the crucial magnetic point where the two forces, centrifugal and centripetal, are in equilibrium, Therefore, the power that sustains the worlds lies in the magnetic Cross of the spaces.

A masculine cell called spermatozoa crosses itself with a feminine cell called ovum; and from this Cross results the human being. As we see, man is the result of the Cross of the spermatozoa with the feminine ovum.

Nothing can come into existence without the power of the Cross.

A sincere handshake crosses and harmonizes the mutual friendly affection of two persons. Thus, the Cross in the handshake gives life to the affection between two souls.

A handsome young man passes a beautiful girl on the street. Their glances cross each other and from this prodigious Cross, subtle and impalpable but real in its magic power, affection is born. Love is born, a love that will organize a home and will produce effects of wonder such as the multiplication of the species, the grandeur of a country, and perhaps the appearance of a genius who will increase the progress of science or philosophy to make a better world. As we see, the magnetic Cross of a glance shows and demonstrates that the power lies in the Cross.

A seed is planted into the earth, and when its power is crossed with the chemical elements that constitute the structure of the planet, it produces trees, flowers, seeds, and fruits that increase, multiplying their species ad infinitum; hence the power lies in the Cross.

Without the Cross, nothing new exists. It would not be possible to transform the old, therefore the Gnostics, wise par excellence, know exactly the value of the Cross and worship it, not based in any belief, but in absolute and immediate knowledge.

The Gnostics are mystics of Truth, and desiring to know all things they leave no margin for superfluous things, every belief makes man atrophied, stupid, and unconscious; and from stupidity and unconsciousness, the daring and wicked take advantage in order to direct and rule the innocent masses who as lambs follow their chiefs and leaders, who are as stupid and unconscious as themselves.

The Cross is the reason of being of all the phenomena and events of Nature, and in this law there are no exemptions.

When someone expounds an idea about some philosophical, social, or scientific aspect, this idea crosses with the ones of those who are listening; thus, new reactions are produced that could be of help in finding the truth expressed by the speaker, or to reject his pretense of wisdom, if his knowledge is not well founded. Then in the crossing of ideas, intelligences are tested and truths discovered, eliminating that which is erroneous.

A look crosses with some being or object, and in this Cross knowledge about the being or the thing is obtained.

The protein substances of nourishment that we consume are crossed with our physiological cellular life and produce crucial reactions in order to renew the life of the used cell and create a new one.

If the substance does not agree with our organism, the biochemical Cross of the substance with the secretions of the inner specific organs, produces reactions in order to eliminate them from the organism.

The Cross encloses the mysteries of all powers imagined, whether they are physical, intellectual, or moral.

No one could philosophically, scientifically, and rationally find something that does not depend on the power of the Cross. Thus, once more, we can affirm emphatically that the power lies in the Cross, and that the natural and scientific Cross of the Gnostics has nothing to do with beliefs or instruments of torture of any kind.

The Cross of the Gnostics is the power of the Universe, building atoms, molecules, organs, organisms and systems of worlds.

In the intellectual aspect it is the Cross of ideas that produces new states of consciousness. In the moral and sensitive aspects, the Cross is the power that causes the marvelous sensations that ennobles and dignifies the soul.When musical melodies cross with the auditory capacity of the psycho-physical being of those who listen to them, they produce a beautiful emergence in the sensibility of the soul, thus inner harmonies result from that precious Cross of the sounds. When a glance crosses with the beauty of nature, like a flower or a beautiful woman, feelings of divine inspiration appear in the soul, uncovering in the consciousness the inner spring of perfection that lies in the harmony of the forms. When feeling and thought cross, the human being is not only in perfect harmony, but sufficiently capable of fulfilling with success the work which he has committed himself to accomplish.

“It is necessary to learn to think as a philosopher, and to feel as an artist,” because by reuniting in a precise crucial union the elevated thought of the philosopher and the divine sensibility of the artist, the magic enchantment of the soul of the true Superman emerges.

That Cross of thinking and feeling in perfect accordance and harmony is what permits the development of the mystical and spiritual side of existence.

Divine and Blessed Cross, in thy precious structure lies hidden all the mysteries of Nature and of Life!

Samael Aun Weor

The Pegasus in the Gnostic Society

Pegasus in the Gnostic Society

The gnostic myth of Pegasus in the “Gnostic Society”

There cannot be a more generous symbol to publicly represent us than the winged horse or Pegasus, precisely because it is “born” of a “sacrifice,” of the death of the Self-willed “I.”

“Pegasus was the winged horse that came out of Medusa when she was beheaded by Perseus. The Gorgon Medusa was once a beautiful princess of Libya. Because she was seduced by the sea god Poseidon in a temple dedicated to Athena, Athena transformed her into a monster. She had hair of snakes and whoever looked at her face turned to stone.”

Terrestrial by nature and winged by inspiration, Pegasus is an archetype difficult to conquer, and then very difficult to master.

“After his birth, Pegasus lived on Mount Helicon. One day, an ancient Greek hero whose name was Bellerophon, thought he could fly with Pegasus to Olympus where the gods lived. To stop him, Zeus sent a horsefly to bite Pegasus. Bellerophon lost control of his horse and fell to Earth.”

Only the brave, those who possess the secret of Hermes, the few, embody it in exchange for all the initiatory ordeals.

“Pegasus continued to fly alone and reached Olympus, where Zeus received him. Since then, Pegasus carries the thunderbolts for Zeus, who placed his figure in the night sky as the constellation of the winged horse.”

Through the Gnostic mysteries, unveiled today by the V.M. Samael Aun Weor, we know that the horse represents the “metallic soul” or “philosophical mercury” contained in the sexual energy, and that its untamed fury can be volatilized by a certain secret of the alchemists.

“Immediately after being born, Pegasus hit the ground with his hoof and there a spring of miraculous water burst forth. Perseus mounted the winged horse when he fought with the sea dragon to free Andromeda, who was chained to the rocks in the sea. Many tried to catch and tame Pegasus, to no avail. To catch Pegasus became an obsession for Bellerophon (prince of Corinth), so he then went to a soothsayer who advised him to spend a night in the temple of Athena.”

It is through the wisdom and love of the Guru that we can be initiated into the mysteries of the Pegasus or winged horse. Truly, it is only through our Divine Mother that we learn to use the electric sexual power of Pegasus.

“While Bellerophon was sleeping, the goddess appeared to him and gave him a golden bridle that would allow him to catch Pegasus. When he awoke, he found the golden bridle beside him, and with it managed to capture and tame the winged horse with ease.”

And the Guru will always remind us that, after reaching the sublime virtue of humility, we must always be even more humble than before or else we will fall into the abyss of perdition.

“Pegasus proved to be of great help to Bellerophon, helping him against the Amazons and the Chimaera. But Bellerophon felt himself to be more important and desired to reach Olympus mounted on Pegasus, but the horse threw him off, leaving him with a broken leg and hated by the gods.”

But He and She, our inner parents, will be there to tell us: “Woes you, oh warrior, oh fighter, if your servant sinks!” “But there are remedies and remedies.” “I know those remedies.”

Pegasus continued his flight to Olympus where he found protection. Zeus entrusted Pegasus with the task of carrying his lightning and thunderbolts. The winged horse flew and became a constellation, near Andromeda and Perseus.

The Divine Mother: “Therefore, be kind. Dress in beautiful garments. Serve yourself exquisite delicacies and drink sweet sparkling wines.” “But always, always, for love of Me.”

Rafael Vargas