The Gnostic Teachings Yesterday and Today

blue keyword with white projectionsIt is quite evident that thanks to the Internet, any citizen of our world can now access the Gnostic teachings of the V. M. Samael Aun Weor, if they so yearn.

However, to have access to digital “Gnosis” does not mean that the Self-Gnosis of the Being is now easier to conquer. It is not enough to have the digital information; a “human” interrelationship with a Gnostic group, so as to self-discover ourselves and get to know ourselves through it, helps and is very necessary.

Until recently, Gnosis was the great unknown. Only a few knew of its pre-Christian and Christian origin. And it was thanks to the widespread diffusion of Gnosis across America and beyond, and with the arrival of computers and the Internet that this great phase of the dissemination of the written work of Master Samael was completed, and that is why today his works are found in many Internet sites.

Yet, we must say that the best of the Gnostic mission is just beginning, and it consists of making its message of regeneration flesh and blood.

And as any major change of humanity can go unnoticed, it is important to note that better times are coming for the Gnosis of the inner work, so that Gnosis, as a saving knowledge, fulfills its mission.

While it is true that the way we now use communication technology changed how any citizen can now approach the Gnostic studies, it is also true that in compensation for this, presently we have gained more in the comprehension and practical application of Gnosis, reason why today we take shelter in an institution called “The Gnostic Society Samael Aun Weor,” whose spirit of the work is to incarnate gnosis, thus it is reflected in our methodology, our program, and of course our local, national and international Spiritual Retreats.

But I ask myself; and aloud I ask everyone: are we conscious of this social change that has occurred in our society, of how, therefore, we now must live the Gnostic message

Rafael Vargas