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The series of Gnostic books, today presented under the title Pegasus Collection, is inspired entirely by the esoteric process lived by V.M. Samael Aun Weor over a 30 year period approximately. Therefore, each written work reflects only a certain stage of his interior path, never the totality of his work. It is only the book, The Three Mountains, which allows us to know the complete map of this path or the inner Great Work.

“I want to tell you that this teaching for the New Age of Aquarius
will be delivered according to the Law of Musical Octaves.
Each of these works is developed
higher and higher notes;
when we get to the synthesis note
the Message will have concluded”.

Samael Aun Weor, My Return to Tibet

We know of a sacred sexuality in the Middle and Far East but we know nothing of its presence in the West. Precisely because its author reveals them here, this gave rise to a completely international Contemporary Gnostic Movement.

This book begins by describing life today and its harsh social, political, economic, and ecological reality. And despite so much time having passed since its publication, however, it has not lost its relevance. His best chapters are the final three.

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This work deals exclusively with the esoteric processes the Gnostic initiate lives in the so-called astral body. Then, going through the symbolic death and resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ, one will know the meaning of The Seven Words.

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Medieval alchemy can only be comprehended through sacred sexuality; that is when we will know that fire (sulfur), water (mercury), and earth (salt) are the sexual energy itself with which the Gnostic works in his inner laboratory.

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The Book of Revelation of the apostle Saint John is the only text of the Hebrew Bible that has not been adulterated because no one understands its symbology. The Aquarian Message looks at it from beginning to end and masterfully unveils it.

The best of yoga, as a synthesis, is contained in the texts of this practically written work but most interesting is the way in which we can comprehend that prana or vital force is the Christ-substance itself contained in everything created.

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Theurgy is the art of invoking angels and gods. Goetia is its opposite. And this is what the author does here, invoking the seven angels of light in the Conjuration of the Seven, and calling their opposites at the same time. Therefore, an important comprehension is born from that.

In Samaelian Gnostic study, it is necessary to have very suitable linguistic knowledge at hand to allow for better comprehension of this contemporary Gnosticism. And I feel that is why the author wrote this book.

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For a period of time, Samael Aun Weor published his books with the original name of Christmas Message. So, they were the synthesis of what had been lived in the year. For example, this one looks at the Atlantean and Aryan races, and their common final catastrophe.

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 This is not a book of speculative, carnival astrology. This astrology teaches that we are a micro-zodiac from our head (Aries) to our feet (Pisces). Its hermeticism is for attracting the constellations’ subtle forces, which help our positive awakening.

“The astral body is a body of an electronic solar nature, it has nothing vague, vaporous, subjective; it is a body of flesh and bone, flesh of Paradise, flesh that does not come from Adam ”.

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We comprehend with this book that the universe is made with the Law of Number, Measure, and Weight, that mathematics form the universe and, therefore, numbers come to be living entities. Therefore, we can comprehend everything with the Kabbalah and alchemy.

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This opera is based on the 13th century medieval epic poem Parzival by Wolfram von Eschenbach, which is about the life of this knight of King Arthur’s court, and his search for the Holy Grail. With sacred sexuality, Samael Aun Weor unveils this entire opus of Wagner’s.

If there is a book that can synthesize the entire work of Samael Aun Weor, it is this, known as the map of the path. The first mountain is the mountain of second birth; the second is the mountain of mystical death; and the third is the mountain of sacrifice for humanity.

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Christic Aztec Magic was the book with which Samael Aun Weor introduced his message of sacred sexuality into the Aztec country. And it was with The Secret Doctrine of Anahuac that he further expanded the wisdom of the Serpent and the Eagle.

This treatise on psychology has thirty-two chapters. It is a work that must be read with great attention, avoiding only seeing in it a means of psychological self-control. This book should be studied from the essence and in remembrance of the Being.

This book begins by describing life today and its harsh social, political, economic, and ecological reality. Despite the fact that so much time has passed since it was published, it has nevertheless lost none of its relevance. The best chapters are the final three.

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The Bible of the Gnostics begins by narrating events and teachings Jesus gave after he resurrected. Pistis means power, faith; Sophia, wisdom. The story of Pistis Sophia is that of her fall into ignorance, and her return to the Light through repentance.

The Divine Mother Kundalini is the central object of all Sadhana. When one is doing these practices, he is in perfect concentration, in prayer, supplicating, begging the Divine Mother for the most pressing need. Through Her one can ask the Logos; She intercedes before the Logos, asks with one, pleads for one. She has great power. One begs Her, the Divine Mother, to intercede for one before the Third Logos (Holy Spirit) and to beg the Logos for healing, the awakening of consciousness, the awakening of this or that chakra, etc. Each position is different and means intensifying the prayer, the supplication, the request.

Our V.M. Samael Aun Weor tacitly says in this message, that the holy predestination of women is to be a mother. But he expands this concept so wonderfully that also adds that by women regenerating herself, she can regenerate man. And that the key to all this is in the sacred sexuality. That, therefore, with it, she also regenerates all society. Therefore I have expanded the title “Holy Predestination”  like this: “Holy Predestination of Women.” Because it broadly defines the destiny or unique mission that only she can fulfill. No doubt because it is a gift from God that comes from the same Divine Mother.

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