Gnostic Meditation

Concentration, meditation, and ecstasy are the three fundamental steps of Gnostic meditation. Concentration is to fix all the attention, all our spiritual Being, on a certain point, internal or external to our physical body. Meditation is when the subject and object become one and the same. And this is only possible through the spiritual Being. Ecstasy is the direct experience of this loving union between the subject and the object. The following speaks to the asana or posture of the physical body for Gnostic meditation:

“Anyone can assume an Eastern position,
if they want to.
If another person wants to assume a Western position,
they can do so,
and if another wants to assume any other position
that better suits them,
they can do so;
the important thing is that we are comfortable
and can have a good meditation.”

Samael Aun Weor