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Welcome to "The Gnostic Society Samael Aun Weor," an institution created with a very define purpose: to take up again the "initiatic Gnostic Spirit" that so interested both Master Samael and his first disciples, and that albeit for a very justified reason—the dissemination and expansion of the Gnostic message–we felt was getting lost. That "Initiatic Gnostic Spirit" is fully present in one of the major works of the V. M. Samael Aun Weor: the book The Three Mountains; then, from that moment on the sincere seeker knows where this journey begins, how it can be traveled, and what is its main objective. And this is what best defines Gnosis, a Gnostic and authentic Gnosticism..

What is "Gnosis"

Gnosis is best defined by the word "Gnostic:" the one who studies and lives Gnosis. Gnostic comes from the Greek gnostikós, of gignookein: to know. Thus we say that the word comes from the Greek and that it means knowledge, an "illuminating knowledge," a "salvific knowledge," that saves from ignorance the one who comes to know himself. And this is why it is stated that Gnosis is a very natural function of the awakened consciousness, a Philosophia Perennis et Universalis. A synthetic knowledge, with its own values, that allows for the sincere seeker to achieve the Being and universal Knowledge.

Gnosticism Today

The term "Gnosticism" gathers in the meaning of the word itself the idea of systems or currents dedicated to the study of Gnosis. The mission of Gnosticism in this day and age is to deliver once again the method and instruments of work necessary for the realization, in each of us, of the inner Man.