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Meditation Chamber Program

"As long as one has not experienced the Real, one does not feel comforted,
one does not feel with enough force to work on one self, on the 'I'.
But, when one really has gone through such a mystical experience, that is different;
nothing can stop you in your yearning for liberation,
one will work tirelessly on oneself
as to really achieve a radical, total and definitive change.

V.M. Samael Aun Weor

The Meditation Chamber program in our Gnostic Centers teaches the different techniques of relaxation, breathing, concentration and mysticism needed as to achieve a passive state of mind, feelings and personality, thus generating a tremendous activity of the consciousness. This allows us to more and more connect with our inner guide, the Being who in secret lives in the depths of each one of us.

Some of the topics and practices are:

Meditation Practice through Rhythmic Breathing
Meditation Practice through the Breathing Exercise
The Science of Meditation
Internalization, Concentration and Meditation
The Eternal Feminine and its Relationship with the Individual Jeshua
Christic Egyptian Pranayama
The Kundalini and the 7 Chakras
The Cardias
The Mantra WU
The Om Mani Padme Hum
The Heart Sutra
Practices to invoque the Venerable Masters of the Ray of Medicine
Practice with the Elementals of the Body
The Lord's Prayer
Imagination Practice
The Esoteric Discipline of the Mind
Dream Yoga
Comprehension, Imagination, Inspiration, Intuition, and Human Problems
Concrete Didactic for the Dissolution of the Ego
The Ten Rules of Meditation

Plus many other techniques and practices, all with the objetice of experincing the gnostic knowledge, in order to become practical Gnostics.